Rosemary | Aged 94
Harrow | November 2015

Rosemary fell headlong in love with the handsome spitfire pilot she met at an army dance at the base on which they both worked when she was just 21 years old. They met almost every day for about a year, and planned to announce their engagement to her family during the Christmas break they were intending to spend in the country. However, fate played a different hand when Tom was shot down over Germany, just days before their announcement was due. Traumatised, Rosemary spent months dealing with the shock, but was unable to return to work at the same base and was re-assigned to a different location.

Finally, some 28 years later, Rosemary’s capacity to love was stirred once again when a South African gentleman called Robert made it his business to be part of her world. Now out of the army, Rosemary was living in London, and working in the Burnt Oak branch of the Co-operative. Robert, a bus inspector based nearby, would come into the canteen knowing she would be on her break, and would even ensured he was in the local coffee shop Rosemary visited regularly prior to church. However, despite red roses and marriage proposals, Rosemary was reluctant; she was terrified that history would repeat itself and, even with this wonderful man, placing trust in a person and love again seemed impossible. But, in the end, love conquered and Rosemary and Robert were married. They spent 38 years together in marital bliss, known locally as the “nice couple always holding hands” until he passed away 12 years ago. Counting their married life as 50 years, Rosemary tries to hold on to the good times, the times when Robert would come into the kitchen and put his arms around her and tell her how much he loved her. Without any family Rosemary relies on the support of her church and her friends to get by and, although she says it gets harder to cope with the loss of her loving husband as she grows older, she knows these close ties will help her through the more difficult days.

To hear Rosemary talk about her love lived watch the video below: